Sunday, December 4, 2016

Spiritual pictures not words that make life.

The transference of Spirit. Of the fact we are spirit beings who live in this world we have no doubt. Feeding that spirit man can be an enigma. I guess it becomes obvious the spirit man truly is complete and only as we live from his default does his influence enlarge.
Of concern is the fact we cannot really choose to live from this default it really is a surrender of life. Not by conscious action but rather by a following of life. As life calls to our spirit man we find ourselves abandoning our actions and attempts made up of our religious old man and ways.

The world is troubled with Holy Spirit in our spirit and mankind’s stress comes from how does it control something it desires. It can see the freedom in spirit life but detests the manifestations of that surrounding life. So what better to do than learn the spirit and apply its principles to life and business. Like cheap sales people it can be easy to market spirit life and to rejoice at the small flashes of spirit we see in people but in reality in so doing we are limiting the spirit and glaring to any in Holy spirit the orphan actions of self.

Holy Spirit seems to work the opposite to our logic and as our logic tells us to give spirit to people, to be Godly in our actions and an example of righteousness. Our natural tells us to explain and reveal and help people on their journey. But in spirit I am discovering a hidden way. It is the way of life and in being consistent to who I am and what is in my inner man, I see the world influenced around. Yes that is not understandable and often not even visible but in walking this path it confronts the carnality in others. In life it may seem like death to others in their natural way, it may seem mean or unreliable but in reality I can see if based in spirit it will not and cannot be comprehended by my brain and I will not be able to see a path of understanding. If I do it is revealed bad religion.

If I can see spirit at work in someone then likely it is not at work as I think. Or we could say it likely is an unclean spirit at work, the God of this world. Because to be honest the greatest works of the spirit make no sense to our brain and the parts that make sense are outside of Holy spirit and are the bad religion parts of us at work. When I think I see spirit I get excited and start to massage it, or help it, or put some sort of action to it instead of letting it be divine and creative. When I add to it I restrict it, but what comfort in our God must we have to cease striving and know He is God. In Spirit life that is holy I do not add to it I enter it by an absence of response and action naturally. Yes I can act and do but in so doing I am fighting the revealing of spirit and feeding the carnal in the situation. Spirit action is not action is it entering and abiding. Spirit manifestation in life and others around life will create by the very nature of what Spirit is without my intervention. So yes if I am changing who I am or what I am doing to gather or see an outcome I am completely religious and yielding to the great psychopath as I feed self.

In Holy Spirit life I can have no wants, no needs, and no desires and the parts of me that do only reveal non-life in me. I see the greatest blessing we have is the ability to see the psychopath and in so doing to sanctify. Not as an action but rather as an inaction an incapacitating. It is the absence of action I see spirit with complete action. It is in the emptiness of self life I see the fullness of complete life. When I try and empty my life, I have a fullness of religion. Should I try and help another I have fullness of religion. I will help others, I will see spirit in others, but it will disturb who I have been. It will strip my dignity and bruise my pride as I walk a path a laid out before me at any given moment.

Yes the lure of the world comes with much logic but as I live logic I suppress spirit and yes I do believe I can do this and I also think the bible teaches us this by example. Men and women who started in spirit formed religion to spread a living word. In forming religion many experienced the limitation of pain and control. Yes they established and still establish today but in spirit we have the invitation to be life and turn away from non-life. To our head non-life is life and vice versa.

To our head we read the bible and it words speak. But to a spirit man we read the bible and see no words but pictures are painted and it is in the pictures we see life and non-life revealed. The words of the book can seem life to our head but are non-life to our spirit. The image of the words, the spirit of what embodies them, reveals all. It is in these images of life consists all and is all and reveals all. The issue becomes we surrender to the words and fail to enter the mural of spirit life laid out before us. This picturesque landscape is unity, it is oneness, it is passion of life. Many will glance off it as the see flashes of it and attempt to create. Then there is the spirit man who hears no words he just enters the picture. This is the bible to me, this is the koinonia of life to me. The bondage of the written word is the ability to see, touch, hear, taste and smell. The bible itself says it this way “the letter kills but the spirit gives life”. It is only as our spirit senses come alive does non-life become life.

In my spirit evangelism if I see, touch, taste, smell or hear in others all I show is the void or emptiness of life. I have fed non-life in others by my desire to feed life. Should a picture be painted in Holy Spirit life it embodies a complete koinonia. Religions separates, isolates, dominates and controls it can see itself moving. Koinonia life I start to see is disturbingly attached to the bride of Christ beyond natural comprehension. We start to see in koinonia spirit there is a great picture, a landscape, a mural, an ecosystem, called the bride. It moves as one, exists as one and feeds as one. This bride is so complete that when one part is cut it all bleeds. When one part is bruised it all knows. This is the healing oil of the spirit. It flows from the head to the toe and is life. The only time it does not is when we feed the religion of non-life as many in the bible did.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Holy Spirit life Vs Natural life - can you see the contrast?

Any who have gazed or been heartened by the warmth of peace that flows via Holy Spirit life will no doubt sit amazed at spirit life’s dichotomy to normal life.
Spirit life is usually the opposite to our default, it is the enigma to our control, it is the frustration fear and terror to any way of life we have known. Natural persons crave it, the rich play with it, the poor reflect on it. All touch it some become it.

Holy Spirit life is the most peaceful and beautiful state of being that any can glimpse into or glance off. In glancing off so many strive to add it to the comfort or control of what they have attained. Perhaps to bring understanding to this we see verse and passages in the bible that are beyond our capability to grasp and one such passage is in the beginning of John 12.

[Jhn 12:1-5 NIV] 1 Six days before the Passover, Jesus came to Bethany, where Lazarus lived, whom Jesus had raised from the dead. 2 Here a dinner was given in Jesus' honor. Martha served, while Lazarus was among those reclining at the table with him. 3 Then Mary took about a pint of pure nard, an expensive perfume; she poured it on Jesus' feet and wiped his feet with her hair. And the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume. 4 But one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot, who was later to betray him, objected, 5 "Why wasn't this perfume sold and the money given to the poor? It was worth a year's wages."

A few parts to note.
  1. Worth a year’s wages
  2. Poured on feet.
  3. Wiped with hair.

We can see a beautiful picture of a prelude to Holy Spirit life and do well to note Mary poured out perfume worth a year’s wages. So let’s say it this way. Mary poured a bottle of rare perfume worth a minimum of $60k in our world on the feet of a man. Then to add natural stupidity to it she wiped His feet with her hair. Feet that walked dusty street. The religious want to get all fluffy about this passage and say it’s because it was Jesus. Realistically what a beautiful demonstration of Holy Spirit life a life that is no respecter of persons.

In spirit life there is no value, there is no concern for today or tomorrow there is only peace and that peace is not derived from financial security (if there is such a thing). But we can see the two paths of life so simply in this passage. Judas who took the natural way saw the needs, saw the value and failed to see the life. To him as to all natural or religious they see money and value of the temporal.  
Spirit does not see or has no value in anything of this world. It lives a quality of life not comprehendible to a Judas. To Judas he was lost in the temporal. Mary was living the eternal of her gift and what flowed from her spirit. An interesting side note. Judas, like most today strived for things. He was the one who kept the money for Jesus and ultimately sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Yet here he was envious of the waste. Yet a simple humble spirited woman, one the world would call simple or silly had a crazy expensive perfume and she tipped it out. Amazing to me! And a beautiful expression of spirit life.

Yes she was appreciative of Jesus but if you want to take that line Mary would have been better selling the perfume with Judas and ministering to the needs of Jesus financially. After all Jesus was homeless and needed woman to take care of Him. Jesus lived beyond the chains of the temporal and beckons for us to have the same pleasure.
Funny thing I see myself in Judas more than Mary. My brain would fight my spirit on this one. I would like to waste $60k on the feet of someone I love. But realistically my natural would be to sell the fragrance and take them to lunch. Maybe pay a few of their bills, you know something that would make me feel like I was a good guy in Spirit. I would wrestle with the humbleness to clean feet with my hair. Yes I could possibly talk my religious old part into this scenario but when I have to think about it all it would reveal is I don’t get it. In reality Mary was lost in something I see and are aware of, it is life, true spirit abandoned life. A romantic flow of energy and creativity that is never ending, limitless, full of ingenuity, originality and passion. The purity of who a Spirit person is can be no less that amazing. No care for anything, not by conscious choice but by abandonment to their co-joined gift.  

Monday, November 7, 2016

A conversation - The antithesis of religion

Not really anything to admire here. I just lived life and many times felt like I was surviving not living. The path has been a real mirror to reveal many things all of which ultimately come back to intimacy. Or a pseudo intimacy I had created and placed God in. He was living in my sphere of understanding and comfort of an infinite God. Restricted by the religious knowledge and doctrines I had spent a lifetime amassing.
Something deep in me was calling. It had chained me, had I really had a choice my natural part would not have come. But my spirit man was calling for intimacy an intimacy my brain thought it already had.
An intimacy I now know was lost inside religion. It was an intimacy dependent on actions and others. I was lost and never knew it. I was always marked to never truly fit in religion or be accepted. This troubled me until this path revealed the intimacy of an eternal God romancing me. The romance was and remains so powerful it drew me to intimacy when my arrogant pride thought I already had it.

The religious understanding and systems I was part of were in fact creations to steal intimacy and the people inside them as wonderful as they are had a pseudo intimacy in many ways. Ultimately we were all living with orphan hearts and like orphans in an orphanage all came up with programs and actions to get attention from the father. Ultimately we all self-preserve and can never lay down our lives unto death.

I always admired your spirit calling out from within you for intimacy. Sure the world superimposes what that should look like. But you know more than any it is a deep “knowing” that causes you to never fit. You are a beautiful and amazing misfit sealed for life. A flower existing in a perverse system of man but trapped in not knowing how to truly connect and let go. (I am just writing whatever comes out so I trust it is life to your spirit). God is drawing you to your first love and in understanding romance we can only go back to your early days when Christ revealed himself to you in amazing ways.

I know nothing of these days in your life but I can type what comes out. Days of spontaneity where sleep was not a need as you were driven by the inner man bursting forth in a new found love of a creator. Habits fell away without effort or thought. Likely your language changed and nobody was even teaching you such. Like all of us we become like drunk men oblivious to life oblivious to needs and wants. This new “romance” is life itself and no longer can we be what we were. This my friend is romance it is not limited to love as love can be taught or earned. What you and I got with Jesus was never earned it was unjustified and troubling as to why it landed in our lives.
It was and still is an eternal Godhead romancing us with His love. Like young ones with orphan hearts we try to deserve the intimacy and in so doing it seems almost lost at times. But it isn’t, we go to church to try and create a culture of attaining more of it. Ahh we missed it as we are the church and the bride of Christ consists in the worshipers in spirit and truth.
We now let our head start to teach romance but in reality it can never be taught. We get flashes of the romance we came to Christ with, but fail to see these flashes of spirit romance invalidate everything we are. In spirit life we are undone we are incapacitated and immobilized. We can’t even feed ourselves and if we can we have left our first love. This is us in America, in the middle or immense prosperity we lived nothing and still do. But for some crazy romantic reason Gods love creates whats needed. I can’t help it or change it I can only enjoy it. This is hard to do as what once was my orphan heart wants to earn it. Holy Spirit manifestations do not validate us or our actions and the problem with churchianity is we validate our music, preaching, systems with these manifestations that are infect there to incapacitate everything we are. But our humanistic orphan hearts use these manifestations to build ministries and validate how right our doctrines are.
When nobody wants to listen to our doctrines we finally be still and in the stillness our first love ignites. This is me; nobody wanted to hear my voice here I was a burden a freak a misfit. Orphan hearts can never have intimacy with orphan hearts. They will only use each other in the most polite of ways in mutual agreement to attain. God stripped anyone from around me who cared. I tried to stay in the systems but they vomited me out. God reached into the vomit and found me. He seemed to wipe the vomit away and never minded the smell. He just encompassed me with a love I had never experienced. It troubled me and still does. As in the vomit of man’s efforts to please. He found and saw a gem, a jewel a thing of beauty. It was me!! And my friend it is you. Be different the romance is alive in you I can see it in the simple words you typed. The transparency you had in your email is a spirit buried in vomit that God is reaching his hand into to love.


One day today my freedom at last
One day today life is like glass. I see who I was and no words can describe. No longer a man I am left to abide.
To this world I am futile to this world I despair. But in heavens accord am seated right there.
Right there is my life seated in Him. No more to exist no more to begin.