Monday, May 15, 2017

Some thoughts on money wealth and possessions in Holy Spirit community

15 May 2017

Spirit life is such a contrast to our normal life it is truly disturbing yet freeing in so many ways. It is when we look at sin we start to understand Gods heart in a whole new way. God invites us constantly to embrace life to be life and to live life and in that invitation God frees us from what we had thought was life. We cannot make the decision to let things go as when we have the power to let go we have the power to pick up.

Intimacy is what God is all about when God said “lets make man in our image” he was serious about the intimacy required for such an amazing union. God knew in order for man to become God he had to be god of his own world and forsake it to enter His world. Intimacy was and is all God had interest in and man was to live a lifetime of pseudo intimacy called religion.

It was necessary that God do away with sin as we know. Religion has God forgiving sin but spirit life has the revealing of God doing away with sin altogether. The reasons why we may never totally understand while on this earth but one huge reason is the fact sin and the focus of sin is never the issue. While man looks at the sin God looks at the intimacy, while man strives to be free so he can “be like God” the Godhead says cease striving and know that I am God. Know that intimacy is all I desire and as our heart self strives its condemned by our inabilities fears and insecurities. Godhead is there with “be still and know that I am God”.

There are so many examples in scripture of this but maybe none so obvious as the rich young ruler. He came to Jesus and wanting to follow him and Jesus told him to go sell all and come follow me. I noticed something about this passage for the first time. Every disciple Jesus had was busy living life and Jesus came and said “come follow me” they all forsook all and followed Jesus. Some walked out on the fishing nets, another left his tax business and so forth. These men walked out on life for no apparent reason. There was no natural security for tomorrow. No understanding what would become of their families. These men walked into intimacy and yes there was then a process of being renewed in their minds but they walked life. Then here comes the rich young ruler and look at his heart. The heart he had was so fat on religion he could not see his self righteousness for one second. Yet again the riches were never the issue to Jesus and Jesus cut right through everything and laid him bare.

This rich young ruler desired spirit life. He desired the intimacy of the fellowship and saw what perhaps all man see and that is his ability to help. After all why would Jesus not need him? Jesus was homeless, he lived off women and never knew where he would sleep from night to night. To any religious way of seeing it there was an obvious need and an obvious match here. Yet the man missed the point of what happened here. Jesus had no thought for the money, the rich ruler had many thoughts for the money. It was impossible for the ruler to see past the money and understand he was missing the point. He was missing the fact his money was pseudo intimacy and had him trapped all alone.

So Jesus spoke to the heart and told him to sell all give it away and come follow Him. The intimacy would have been amazing and would have been everything the rich young ruler craved. Everything his money had tried to find but had left him isolated. But he just couldn't do it and the bible tells us he went away sad as he owned much.

Lets get down to it the only thing spirit life is about is INTIMACY. God desires “lets make man in our image” Jesus was poor and worthless in the eyes of mankind but he had no care for the money. He had no care for tomorrow and he lived the fullness of today. Something the rich young ruler failed to see. Jesus had all his needs met anyway he didn't need the rich ruler wealth. He didn't need his money to provide. Jesus was living the day free of this world and the money was not the issue the intimacy was.

He was perhaps one of the only or the only one who came to Jesus wanting to be His disciple and was turned away. So lets transpose that into modern church life. How many people get problems and come to Jesus looking for His life. They offer something, their skills, their money, their abilities etc. Then there are the “called out ones” these just live life and Jesus walks into their life and invites them to forsake all and come follow Him. Come have intimacy and these called out ones will abandon everything and follow as they are wired for intimacy with the Godhead.

These called out ones will see a revealing of the same life Christ had. They will loose interest in anything this world has to offer, anything it promises and anything it provides. The world will think it wants something from them as it so obviously has need. But these called out ones just crave intimacy. Jesus craved intimacy with the ruler and the ruler completely missed what was going on. As his focus was natural Jesus had an eternal focus of life and impossible life that cannot exist to a natural mind. It was so obvious to the ruler Jesus would need him but it was so obvious to Jesus that in all His natural needs nothing mattered but intimacy and the ruler was trapped and needed to be free. Jesus had what He needed for the day, He always did and always would. So too will we as we live intimacy and embrace life that without effort causes the emptying of self that unites Godhead and “lets make man in our image”

As I sit here writing I think of Ananias and Saphira in the book of Acts in the bible. They brought a portion of what they owned and laid it at the disciples feet to distribute as any had need. The problem was the were lying to God and themselves and fell down dead. Now many a preacher has spoken from this passage and perhaps missed the whole point. The money was never the issue, the lie was no even the issue. Yes they were rebuked for the lie but the underlying issue was they craved the intimacy of spirit koinonia and thought they could bridge the natural to the spiritual with their money. They wanted koinonia and the security of natural control and the two and at odds with each other. The community they saw around them the bible tells us was filled with people meeting daily and eating in each others homes. It was filled with people selling their extra and giving it to free the koinonia as any had needs. I do not believe the disciples distributed for people to live. It wasn't socialism but yes they likely didn't interview everyone to find out the needs. They just freely gave and received. With no purpose perhaps as this seems to be spirit. They distributed to free the captives. I have no doubt the Marius and Annette's were given the proceeds of sales to loose them from debt. Now they were free of the world system and were able to be a laborer in the harvest field.

Spirit community loosed the captives and was a beautiful astounding manifestation of intimacy. In honor they preferred one another and those with spirit purchased natural release for each other and as an act of liberated unity enjoyed meals and fellowship daily. They never cared who gave and I don't think and kept track of that. Nobody used their wealth to be noticed or to belong they just enjoyed being “called out ones” intimacy was alive and they had nothing in them that would allow their possessions to hold them anymore.

Yet Ananias and Saphira attempted to enter on a natural level. What they owned was never the issue, what they gave was never the issue and the apostles made that clear when they told them such. The issue was they attempted to make religion. Religion that presents a psuedo intimacy while a man keeps control of what he owns. Which ultimately reveals he has not forsaken all and cannot be one with Christ or his body.

So intimacy is all Jesus purchased at Calvary when He died on the cross. He freed all mankind to be spirit and to no longer have the chains of sin that hold man to himself and his own desires and needs. Mankind could be called out from being his own God and abandon all. He could have no thought for tomorrow and enjoy true life. The issue is we cannot choose to come to Christ He chose us from the beginning of the world and invites us to embrace life.

What would have happened if the rich young ruler had of seen Jesus did not care about his needs? He could never understand that any in spirit have needs but they are met daily. What would have happened if the ruler had of sold his all and given? Jesus never said sell all and tithe to Judas so our money bag is full for tomorrow. Jesus in an amazing act of invited intimacy said get rid of it all and come join our party of life.

To me the passage where Jesus said “pray for laborers to be sent out into the harvest field” simply means people are called out ones who will abandon what they own to be a move of the spirit of God. They will lay it at the feet of the apostles who will never abuse this for themselves but rather they will distribute as any had need. That need I see first and foremost was to be free from the world system and just as some are trapped by wealth and ownership others are trapped by debt and what was a desire to own. Only in true spiritual community can we see it is not about daily needs as they are taken care of. It is about laborers being freed to enter the harvest field.

Jesus saw the stupidity of the rich young rulers heart. But he spoke to the intimacy and was not offended by a complete lack of understanding for what was going on. After all what hope do natural ways have, but to die? As in death chimes life. Koinonia does not need anyone or anything. It is complete and in that completeness needs no longer exist and the desire to meet needs no longer exists. It is a seamless flowing of life through every part of who we are.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Why so many needs, how do I get free of needing?

28 April 2017

In the course of this week we were all challenged in a new way that went deeper than anything we had seen before. It was in the area of needs and living a life of spirit. We have always taken comfort in the fact God will provide all our needs but in reality needs in and of themselves just do not exist on a God level. How can I have a need when complete? Now of course we all see the natural screaming at us and these natural needs threaten to take our attention away, they threaten to have us abide in their grip not in the limitless God. Together we can see a needless life and together we are walking into it.

We are yet to discover the freedom of spirit that arrives in a complete abandonment of needs and in fact the ability to not even see needs is more alarming than the ability to see needs met. Maybe children were meant to be a challenge to everything we have lived. A child does not see needs they just expect and usually in a very demanding way, They just never have a concern about life. We cannot say kids see needs but rather they have expectations and to them it is never a thought that those expectations will be disappointed.

A huge catalyst for change happened this week in our lives. The needs were piling up and personally the ability to remove my eyes off the needs was naturally impossible. One of our sons just turned 15 and another will turn 18. They are eating machines, I don't think it is even possible to fill them. I could give stories about the huge amount of food they can eat but unless it can be seen it cannot be believed.

So in a week of extreme need food was not abundant and the desire to find a corner somewhere and be alone was pretty enormous. As men we want to think about where we are and kids are a great distraction from us being able to feel sorry for ourselves. To be honest days like the day I was having are living misery. With no possible escape visible for the thoughts of the predicament closing in.

Over the journey of the next day an amazing thing happened that would help set a new course for life. A text message from a man in Boston who did not know much of us at all. We had spoken many times on spiritual life and he obviously was one of those men who just never fitted with religion. Being from Mexico originally religion was well known to him but he had no time for such things. The issue had been he was alive in spirit and never understood that. It had been a long time since we had talked and that was what made his text message even more amazing. It said “are you OK do you need $”

We spoke a few days later. Omar had been at work and saw a picture of our family without food. So he sent a text and not being a wealthy person acted on what he saw and deposited $225 into our account. Omar is a humble hard working man who sends much of what he has back to help his family in Mexico. He sent a message saying we are his family and he wants to help us. In reality his statement could not have been more true.

So as simple as that may sound it needs to be understood the randomness of what had just happened. He had no way of knowing except God. Now any in religion would clearly say Omar is not a Christian as Omar just does not fit that stereotype. Thank God for that as perhaps we are all realizing we are not Christians. Omar is koinonia life with us and that was nothing we would have defined naturally. Yet he is one with the godhead. He would not talk it that way but Omar is one in spirit and neither of us understand that.

So this raised a new level of spiritual life not ever considered possible and it bought release. The amazing continued when the next morning I stepped out of bed to a call form another telling me the rent will be paid. Marius had needs of his own but has moved beyond tat level in life. It seemed something was changing or had changed in all of us. It was never about the money or needs and never will be. As if it ever is all we show is we are not in spirit life. Needs just cannot exist in such a life and the existence of needs shows the lack of Holy Spirit life.

Now it can be a process to abandon and allow Godhead koinonia to empty us of the defilement of this world. The religious mindsets that have defined us all. But realistically it is as simple as abandoning the life we have known. Everyone wants this life in some way and every religion known to man is about taking aspects of spirit life and containing or controlling it. Teaching it and using ti to gain. Gaining peace, life, freedom, control, love, etc. In the case of spirit life who would not want its benefits and who would nto want its peace. Many are called in this case but few are chosen. The many choose not to be the few. They just cant let go and will always hold onto what their identity has been. The many will always love to hear spirit. Yes it makes them uncomfortable and causes them to feel inferior and insecure and to feel like they need to act. The many hit roadblocks in their path of abandonment and all this reveals is they have abandonment issues. Abandonment issues that come from having needs and seeing needs.

How would it be if we were so absorbed in peace that we never even saw needs. To abandon life in such a way that what was needed on the day just arrived. Lost in spirit life in such a way it created the moment things were needed. This is our life, this is where we are all and now we just relax and enjoy the creativity of a limitless union.

We have spent our lives convincing ourselves we trust God and not seeing the very action of trusting God shows we do not trust Him at all. We want to believe everything will be ok and often wrestle around in life until we find a place of belief but in believing all we show is we have no belief. It is impossible to believe, it is impossible to trust, it is impossible to know and see God in our natural. If we can trust, believe, rely on or have faith then in reality we have dumbed down our world to a religious level we can handle. We have control of our world and as little challenges arise we use our religion to navigate the challenge. We show our natural identity is alive and ruling supreme. This is religion and religion steals intimacy. Religion is the bastardization of spirit life and maybe no greater test for this than to ask do we call ourselves a Christian. If we do then we are trapped beyond any ability of our own to see a way clear.

There is no name for what we are in koinonia. The bible translators could not define koinonia and in so doing took a spiritual movement and made it religion. Perhaps why many will never understand the spirit of the bible. If we have any understanding of this we don't have it.

So living beyond the needs is when peace arises from our spiritual koinonia and we are not even aware there is a need. We have abandoned identity not by action but by abiding. In this abiding a peace is possible. What happens in these times is, we feel uncomfortable with the freedom and almost feel guilty we don't feel guilty. We find ourselves wanting to care that we don't care and wonder if that is OK. To be honest it is not OK to this world and never will be but in spirit life there are no cares.

We can say although spirit beings we have natural needs and in reply why point out. Needs only highlight where we have not abandoned life. Needs highlight religion and in the observation of needs we acknowledge we are in control.

Yes we have been cast into the extremes of life as koinonia and together we rise. This whole week has gone beyond needs and into intimacy and what came up is vision revealing some of our lives for what they have been. This vision will be outworked as we embrace the fragrance of life.

So yet again there is nothing we can do. We cant choose not to see needs. This would be self deception. We cant choose to live beyond needs as needs just scream too loudly. All we can do is allow the deposit of koinonia life to well up and come out of us. Lets say it again. Everything for life is in the koinonia and those in koinonia abandon to abide. We have been too religious in our definition of koinonia and through god using Omar we can only say koinonia is alive in ways and places we do well to see through our spiritual eyes. We are in each others lives to call out the holy and the profane and the profane in all of us is the walls we have erected in self preservation. These walls block us from spiritual freedom and as we become aware of them we cant remove them we just say “yes koinonia.” To say “Yes God” is too religious as koinonia is God we say yes to Holy Spirit ordained Godhead, “yes koinonia”.

The greatest blessing is to see a limitation in our life and not to act to change it. The act of seeing it causes us to lay down in exhaustion and say I cant change it. This has defined me for so long it has become who I am. In this act of honesty the Godhead brings life. Koinonia reveals, unites challenges and changes. It rises together, falls together and is transformed in unison. Such is the church of Jesus Christ that we are.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Maybe how God views your prosperity

20 April 2017

I tried to write on this yesterday and it was impossible. I had said to Marius I see the problem but cant see the answer. As I wrote this morning I see most of what was written for the first time. I cannot say this came from my head as I have never seen so much of it.

Was recently when talking with Marius he challenged me and out of that flowed the Holy Spirit that goes beyond anything my brain can complete. Marius stopped me referring to the money he had sent as coming from him. Now certainly we can say it did in one sense but there is a bigger picture he pointed out. Marius had the revelation that the money that comes in and out of the koinonia hands is the life flow from all of us. If we segregate it then in so doing we are taking ownership on a level we are not called to be on.

So this line of discussion flowed further and as we talked something became obvious. Money resides outside of Gods world. It is a carnal invention and a natural necessity for any living in this world system as at this stage we all are to various levels. But money comes from the god of this world, for the people of this world. It became obvious when we see money or where it is going then there is an attachment to the God of this world. In deciding to give or not give we highlight we are religious in our understanding of finances. As Marius pointed out in koinonia spirit how could he not allow finances he had to flow to the body? He had no need to hear from God as he is united with a transparent God of koinonia.

The power to retain or release lies in the god of this world. We have been damaged by religion of control in such a way we just cant grasp what is going on here. We allow a consciousness to give or not to give, in God wants or does not want, and in so doing we are empowering the god of this world through the religious actions of the past. The power to stop or act lies in the God of this world and in limiting release we reveal the deception we all have been a slave to. Marius hit it on the head, there was no thought just action and this reveals true koinonia. To be honest maybe on a level we all crave for but fear.

Now we can make this discussion about money or actions but simply put in so doing we reveal our spirit is limited to this worlds system. This is about life the unity of spirit, oneness and unification. As one body there is a flow of life that goes beyond saying I will give or not give, God wants me to or does not want me to. On this level lies the entrapment of the god of this world. Lets face it money belongs to a demonic system and as much as we think we need it we really don't. The reason we need it is to stay entrapped to this world and its systems. It brings security, identity and control.

We used to say God provides and now we start to understand God does not provide. To say such limits God to a secular level. It subjects a Holy God to a god of this world and that can and will never happen. If God provides for me financially he is using money that belongs to a demonic system. But if God is just life then as I live the flow of life money “is” and what I termed as needs are no longer needs they are happenings or symptoms of life.

We have trapped ourselves so firmly in the system we limit the expansion of the gift of life. Realistically anytime the world “I” comes into our existence in spirit life all we are highlighting is our desire to live outside of Holy Spirit life. “I” will give or not give, “I” heard from God or did not hear from God etc. In koinonia life there is no longer “I” that lives but Christ that lives in me.

Give everyone who asks. In religion we say “I” will give if “I” have it or it is spare, if god tells me to or does not tell me to. Basically we attach conditions to the thought of our action. But Jesus said “give to everyone who asks of you”. I don't get that statement one little bit really. I had thought it is easy to see in koinonia but why give to carnal people who are not in koinonia? Then I started to see maybe the fact someone asks is not about the action it is about God showing us something deeper. Religion makes the focus the person asking, spirit reveals it is about life or the lack of life. In financial life we don't care as we never see and have no need to amass. If we see the request we are ensnared by the god of this world. In spirit life we will never be asked unless we are trapped or blinded by the god of this world. We will be asked to reveal we are ensnared. If we are free or spirit financial requests do not exist. This verse shows us our lack of spirit, when we wrestle with it.

Can we see there is something greater here. It is the revealing that today we give tomorrow as never arrives. To live with thought for tomorrow traps us in an endless quest to reach tomorrow and its needs. Honestly how often do we get asked for anything? If we answer “people always ask me” then realistically it is God showing us we serve the god of this world in finances not Him. God is causing people to ask until we get free and when we get free there will be no requests. I don't know that I understand that but perhaps that is good.

In being asked we are scared of abuse or people wanting it again and coming back for more. We have entered the religion of money and in so doing have revealed the god of this world reigns in our finances. We have seen finances and anything we see limits us from entering transparent koinonia. God spare us from the ability to see wealth and financial blessing.

Truly koinonia is transparent and as we live spirit life there is less and less ability to see ourselves. Money is a massive area and perhaps one of the last bastions of a era fading. Marius hit on a huge key that spirit life was stirring in him. His finances were not his in a transparent spirit and Marius got that. I knew it but my talk revealed I was still struggling to let go of the consciousness of past religious defilement. In attempting to make the clarity of koinonia that is clearer than crystal individual it was toxic to life. Yes life ultimately wins but why allow our previous defaults of understanding to define us.

The Godhead is transparent clearer than crystal the bible in referring to a spiritual flow says this, Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb. The godhead is transparent to our natural way of seeing things. We cannot distinguish between God the father, God the son or God the Holy Spirit they are transparent like crystal to individualistic identity and any in koinonia are being washed clean with a river of God that flows from the throne of heaven. Perhaps we can call this river koinonia life, a koinonia life called the true church of Jesus Christ that He is inviting to allow a transparency to flow into. Yes only those “called out” ones can surrender their individualistic lives to the godhead as they say “all of me” to a transparent koinonia.

Jesus knew it impossible for a natural man to enter the spirit flow and He knew money represents everything our natural man can identify with. It stands for everything this world stands for. Money can perhaps be seen as the pinnacle of a life outside of God. Maybe why Jesus said it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. After all, when we have financial security who in their right mind wants to lose the identity financial areas bring?

Jesus continued by saying with God all things are possible, in referring to how a rich man can enter the kingdom of heaven. But it all comes back to koinonia is transparent like the Godhead. There is no power of ownership and choice. Inside koinonia as Marius pointed out, without thought he had to enter financial life by empowering koinonia with action.

So we are on the edge of discovering the limitless potential of koinonia finances, koinonia can have no needs as everything needed for every part of koinonia lies inside true koinonia. True koinonia has forsaken all and to me we start to see this may be what Jesus meant when he said. “Unless you forsake everything you cannot be my disciple”. True koinonia forsakes life and lives transparent by abandonment of life itself. True koinonia no longer has a power of decision given by the god of this world. In its transparency koinonia unifies in ways beyond our comprehension or control.

This is where great wealth lies and those who have the financial responsibility in koinonia will see the great flow of finances beyond all ability to comprehend. These ones have forsaken finances they have forsaken all and in the great wealth that lies behind the forsaking they are now financial prosperity for the koinonia. Without thought, without the need to know or see or hear from God they realize they are God and in being god they are a link to release. God kingdom come His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. This Lords prayer is a summing up of everything that we are discovering together here. Heaven on earth through the koinonia and this reveals in spirit community we have the blessing of heaven life here on earth. The “called out ones” the “bride of Christ” living koinonia is such a picture of beauty there is no difference in the dynamic between heaven and earth community. WoW! Amazing!

So yes inside koinonia there is great wealth but until the gifted and empowered abandon the religion of wealth the koinonia all groans together. God is revealing the religion we have all been trapped in. The god of this world has masqueraded as an angel of light in our finances and lives and we have served him while thinking we were serving the living God. I for one can see it in some small way but cannot comprehend even the depth of what is ritten here. This one thing I do know is the spirit is alive in us all and the deposit from heaven has been made so now we will see it manifest in koinonia life. Shalom!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Koinonia true community in spirit

It had taken a process of months for one of the most unusual actions to take place. It involved the bank account. It is so easy to live watching a bank account. Now granted there are times there is necessity to look at balances but what if we were to live without knowing? What if we spend or do not spend according to a spiritual knowing. I guess in a perfect world a bank account would not be necessary but in this modern world it can be a necessary.

So we were standing at the supermarket register with our debit card saying declined. It was only $36 but we had run out of funds. We were attempting to purchase groceries for dinner but it was not about to happen. It did happen later that day but the day was to hold a twisting and turning of events as life was revealed. As a background we had been in contact with at least four people who knew a flow of financial life was knocking but struggled.

It was later that day returning home that a brief God conversation happened. I was asking God why not just make it between me and Him. Life would seem much simpler but there always seemed to be others involved in our ability to live. We always knew when someone was being led to give financial life and refused as there was a period of pain for us. Living so close to the edge you become acutely aware of such. The $36 at the supermarket was a classic example. But I was posing a question to God and the answer showed an amazing heart of God.

The answer came as a movement in my heart and a knowing that God desires koinonia with us. In koinonia when it is entered we are part of the Godhead, part of the “lets make man in OUR image” God was inviting people to surrender their identity on every level and become one with the Godhead. In becoming one with the godhead truly everything we are, everything we do, say, feel, touch, own etc is Gods. If it is Gods then it is also part of the koinonia. If we know koinonia exists then we know every person in koinonia are as God to each another. It gets back to the statement “how we treat our wife or husband is a direct reflection of how we treat God”. But now I was starting to understand it goes beyond that to “how we treat koinonia is a direct reflection of how we treat God”.

Koinonia becomes about its true meaning. Intimacy, intercourse, community, giving, sharing, fellowship etc. I could say, I only pray to God but in reality koinonia becomes my God because it is Godhead. It exists because of the Godhead it is “lets make man in our image” If I talk to God I talk to koinonia and my answer lies in koinonia. We have looked to God to answer our prayers and give us life but He looks and says the answer is in my bride, my body koinonia. So in actuality how we treat koinonia is how we treat God.

This was the why my card declined at the store. People around that had life knock were prisoners to decision, prisoners to the conscious mind that is empowered via religion. It has never been about money it is about identity and control. If any have identity and control they are not spirit they are making religion out of koinonia. True koinonia cannot hold the power of decision.

We have been held ransom by our religion that cheats and stifles true release of life. Religion teaches us to be stewards of what God has given us. What a demonic travesty as in religious stewardship lies identity and masked control and ownership. It is the religion of actions that has so many trapped in needs. They live the needs level. Meaning while they have needs they have ownership. It could be said we had a need at the supermarket. But in reality we did not have a need life “IS” and will be expressed. It was life for us to eat and we did and always have. How beautiful to have others who live that life with us in koinonia.

Take Matt for example. When I returned home and looked at the bank account it was overdrawn -$59.97. This never happens as we don't have overdraft, yet here it was. Matt and I were talking and he said without even thinking. “scott I was just given $60 it is all the money I have it is for this ” Matt did not make the decision he just knew when I cut he bleeds and when he hits himself koinonia or I feel the pain. This is gods heart, God is inviting us all to surrender control and what a beautiful gift to do so. It is in the surrender we pass out of the religion of koinonia and into the complete life of it. If we like the ideas being expressed here and decide we will give, then in reality we have nothing and it is a waste of time. Rather out of our spirit we surrender to the moment.

The beauty of koinonia is nobody desires to build their kingdom. So nobody ever uses anyone to get ahead. It is as the bible says in honor we prefer one another. God has koinonia to be life and bring life and feed life. That life is spiritual not a desire to acquire and any in spirit know the desire for ownership slowly dissipates.

The world is full of religious communes and expressions of spirit made by natural decision. These are an abomination and death they serve the God of this world. Some profess it is wrong to own anything and to sell everything and live together. This is not what spirit life is about. I have complete ownership while owning nothing. I enjoy the things of this world while having none of them. This is Holy Spirit Godhead stewardship in its beauty. Everything we are in koinonia is for His or Gods good pleasure and His good pleasure is koinonia “lets make man in our image”. Those who worship in spirit and truth are life and the more they journey in life the less they see natural identity or lines of separation.

So what happened with the $36? Later that day $36 exactly arrived in life. It purchased our dinner. It was exactly $36 no more no less and we never asked for it. Now some may see the pain in this story but really there was no pain. If there was we never knew it.

The only real feeling was a deep yearning for those who are skirting on the edge of koinonia. It was never about the money as some would make it or have made it. It was about intimacy, it was about koinonia. It was about those who see koinonia but struggle to let go. It was this time that our heart longed for the intimacy of unity. Yes it had become obvious some had the hand of God drawing them to koinonia but the religion of humanistic control still had its dark cancerous hand on their lives. What could be more sinister than ownership to hold a person captive. If we own anything then in reality it owns us, or the world system owns us. We can dance around it and rationalize it but we know we are trapped in a prison of self. We will own everything while owning nothing in koinonia. Maybe why Jesus said “unless you forsake all you cannot be my disciple”.

This cycle serves to reveal our religion of self and the lack of koinonia. When we live Holy Spirit life it is creative and everything we need is created. The first place God reveals life is in the koinonia. This is His greatest asset as it is Himself. The koinonia that is true koinonia, that is life no longer has the power of choice. It surrendered its power of choice when it made the choice to surrender to the Godhead. Now choice has turned to a flow of life or an embracing of death and if truly in koinonia life there can be no place for death.

So what of the folks who are in and out, who have decision and maintain identity of some type? They are not bad people they are just unyielding they have made religion from koinonia knowledge and after all who would not want koinonia it is a beautiful thing? Remember every religion in the world is formulated from a spiritual encounter and this is where they camp out. Why should it be any different with koinonia. People see koinonia, touch it, smell it, enjoy it, but if they never loose identity to it then all they have is religion they can control. A koinonia box they can live comfortably in. Can we blame ourselves for wanting control it is who we are as earthly people? Maybe why to live beyond this world is so precious.

Koinonia calls to us, koinonia invites us and the choice we do have is to surrender. We cannot take action towards koinonia as action is control. We just say “take my life Jesus” and in that simple cry of the heart amazing life now starts to be revealed. Then as we just live the desires of our heart are revealed as we are one with koinonia. There is a story in the bible that came alive to me during this $36 supermarket venture.

The Parable of the Wedding Banquet

Jesus spoke to them again in parables, saying“The kingdom of heaven is like a king who prepared a wedding banquet for his son. He sent his servants to those who had been invited to the banquet to tell them to come, but they refused to come. “Then he sent some more servants and said, ‘Tell those who have been invited that I have prepared my dinner: My oxen and fattened cattle have been butchered, and everything is ready. Come to the wedding banquet.’

“But they paid no attention and went off—one to his field, another to his business. The rest seized his servants, mistreated them and killed them. The king was enraged. He sent his army and destroyed those murderers and burned their city.

“Then he said to his servants, ‘The wedding banquet is ready, but those I invited did not deserve to come. So go to the street corners and invite to the banquet anyone you find.’So the servants went out into the streets and gathered all the people they could find, the bad as well as the good, and the wedding hall was filled with guests.

“But when the king came in to see the guests, he noticed a man there who was not wearing wedding clothes. He asked, ‘How did you get in here without wedding clothes, friend?’ The man was speechless.

“Then the king told the attendants, ‘Tie him hand and foot, and throw him outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’

“For many are invited, but few are chosen.”

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A true life gift

Maybe its just me but I can see so clearly that when a person rejects their gift they are rejecting God. It is when people embrace their true gift them seem to be so much more open to God moving in their life.

It was talking to a man recently who has a gift in lets call it area 1. But through disappointments and such he was wanting area 2 to be his life. He saw area 2 as a way to get back what he had lost and be somebody. In talking with this man he so obviously was not interested in anything but hearing how good he was at area 2. The mere mention of area 1 drew ire from him and it was in this I saw something so clearly.

Our gifts in life are our spiritual connection in its infancy. But if we reject our true gift then ultimately there is a complete rejection of Christ as every good gift comes down from above. The world does everything it can to limit the expression of a gift and for those who are operating in their gift it will demand it sells out. To sell out is to produce for money or produce on demand. It is creative but any who have had this pressure to sell out know it stops coming from their spirit and comes from their head knowledge. The learned gift.

So we see a world where people are following their paths for so many reasons and the first symptom of life failure is living for a reason. Money, success, recognition, reclaiming lost opportunities, serving God and the list is endless. Reasons to do things are the first symptom we are likely outside our calling. As for so many this man constantly stated he needed money to live and just could not see that money follows gifts.

What is all too common is people living their desires or what they think is their desire. They see the immediate lust of what they are able to attain and the lust blinds them to the obvious. It is a gift in itself for this individual to have a crisis that causes a change of life. Unfortunately many follow distractions that make a living for their life and when they are old enough they just don't have the energy to pick themselves up after that crisis. They acknowledge maybe they chased the wind and never had the satisfaction of following the gift.

Religion is one huge obstacle to the manifestation of a gift. It brings knowledge to a mind and empowers a head. It traps the adherent to legalistic patterns of right and wrong they more often than not have learned by rigid teaching. I have found that religious people can never surrender to a gift as religion has smothered its expression. The system has demanded each gift is exercised in the parameters of the structure and we all know you cant limit a gift. Religious people have no intimacy it is a learned intimacy more often than not and a gift resides in intimacy of the spirit. Religion steals intimacy. This is why religion of man exists to give a pseudo intimacy so like this man he refused to see and there are none so blind as those who refuse to see and none so deaf as those who refuse to hear.

In the case of this man it became so obvious in the rejection of the potential of his true ability he was closing a spiritual door. He was attempting to seal shut a spiritual beckoning as he buried the true gift in narcissistic life. Yes I could tell him how wonderful he was in his gifted area and he would accept readily the compliment and say "I know" then he would deflect it back to where he had decided he needed the attention with a life that was screaming to make it.

A gift is so limitless, so powerful that even when we box it there is still an amazing energy bursting and shining out of the box we have put it in. Unfortunately so many see the rays of creativity and spirituality and just love the comfort of the box. The love the control of the box and love the fact a bright shining gift from above now lights the box. To see the box in and of itself is a gift. Yet to surrender the box is the most amazing expression of any gift or life. As the greatest gift is life itself and to pass from life to life more abundantly there can only be continual surrender to the great creator of all.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

The foolishness of life

Layers of surrender. It seems to me our walk of salvation is a life of surrender and if the very core of who we are is not being liberated or challenged daily then likely we are not who we think we are.

It's really not possible to surrender in our own ability and I think this is perhaps the most pivotal point of salvation. We can say we surrender but how can we be free of the very thing that enslaves called me. A life of inability and fear that has been our core that is masked in success and self righteousness. How can we surrender when we don't even know what it is we must do to be right?

It was recently I was challenged of a greater depth I had never seen before or really knew existed. Sure I had seen images my imagination and spirit had envisioned but yet here I am faced with a whole different reality to what my imagination had drawn. My imagination in its desire to protect me had taken the flashes of life emanating from my spirit and drawn a scenario around it. The only problem with this was it is my imagination and imagination is not reality. So faced with the reality of what I saw, it was the glimpse of nakedness and vulnerability before my God I liked but yet I hated. It demanded a response and it was obvious in and of who I am there is and was no ability to act.

It the inability of action all I could ultimately do was say God I surrender but you will have to take that surrender and help me. I have no way of living surrender and know in reality I will go back to what I have always understood and lived. In reality I am in fear that just maybe God is not there in the way I thought He was. Just maybe he does not see me the way I hoped he did and just maybe I was on my own. Faced with this hidden part of life out of my inner man bubbled hope yet out of my immediate reality was death, fear depression and anxiety as I stared at the reality of who I could now see I am.  It just seemed easier to go back to who I have always been and lived, the issue was this was now impossible and I knew it.

Yes I can only say from my being "I surrender" but the actions beyond that I have no control over. The act of surrender was co-joined to the creator. It just needed me to agree and then God could only do the rest as how can I surrender to create a new reality when I have no idea what that is supposed to be. I cannot draw a picture  in my head or imagination of what that surrender looks like on the other side. As how can a man stop being a man? yes I can acknowledge that beyond the surrender there is no identity to fall back on. Now I must allow God to create a new reality. A new man and a new fresh day. But how do I trust this unseen God with my very life, my very core, my daily needs and expression desires and love?

How can one abandon life ? How can one expect to give into what seems a deep endless and bottomless void of faith and not panic? This is what I had now come face to face with. Faith had indeed become very individual and tailored to who I am and this was perhaps part of the issue. You see we like the crowd, we all profess individuality but in reality we are sheep who follow and have gone astray. Yet here I was with individuality screaming at me and all I wanted was someone who has been this way before I can use as a point of reference. I needed to know it was OK and I could trust this God I cannot see with my eyes. Yet the despair set in when I could see there is no such person. I was created for individual intimacy that was part of corporate responsibility. I was failing and like a man drowning in his own life I gasped for any little puff of air.

I had seen life one way and now culminating around me was the pinnacle of life through death. Yes I had thought I was dead to this world in some small way yet now I see his world was in every layer of my life. So faced with such all I could say was I surrender God, but in reality what I surrender, without you taking it I will go back to being who I have always been. But in that very act vulnerability arrived like I have never known. Can I live the life of no life? Can I cast down the imaginations of my mind I have adhered to and yes ultimately can I exist in this world while not existing. Can I struggle and have no struggle and ultimately can I abide in a new reality wanting to burst forth in my life. Something I can do nothing but say have your way oh God and out of the cry of my heart I find the surrender of me less painful.

Yes my mind cannot trust God and in reality never will be able to. If  any person can say "I trust god" they are God of their own world. What they are really saying is "I trust myself". Such a one has never surrendered the very core of who they are. Unless we see the futility of life how can surrender? Our mind has indeed just created another scenario it placed a God of some form into to create a peaceful existence to hide in and survive.

It is not that I don't think but rather that I now act by the positioning of life. My head loses its reason and my heart thinks with a new found life that is in no hurry. You see my head has spent a lifetime making sense and striving to control through understanding. It has ruled the moment, ruled the environment called "me". It had  a built in mechanism to pad everything I have done to hide reality as a means of protection. It had created its own reality of self and at its core level had made itself the master . The God of self who had ultimate power and control to do, say and be what seemed good at the time.

Yet here I am now surrendering in its entirety this life called me. The fool that I am yet the freedom I have become!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Holy Spirit creative

Was musing the spirit life again. There are so many ebbs and flows, ups and down on this path. It seems the higher the highs the lower the lows and in just rolling this around in my spirit I have a few lines of life to peel back.

Firstly in our desire to live spirit we often look for what to avoid or a place to park our brain. You know when we get so far out on the water we cant see land a boat or anything of natural comfort. Maybe panic lurks in the background and if you have ever experienced panic you know there is no ability to control actions in a panic state. But life shines through in any situation. A life that is beyond any natural ability we may have.

I remember as a child falling into the deep end of a public swimming pool. A man sat 3ft away from me and watched as I began to drown. I remember a silhouette of his face to this day perhaps 40 years later. The issue was I could swim but as panic arrived I had no ability to do anything. I clearly remember going under and fighting my way to the top only to go under again. I actually have no recollection of getting saved but I do know the life saver who pulled me out saved my life. But as I think back to this event I can see the parallel to our spirit life. We know how to swim or even float on top of life but it just takes a moment, a trivial thing, to have us drowning in a deep end of life.

Our mind what a powerful yet restricting tool. But to be life, to walk life, to let life consume us there has to be a denial an abandonment of the daily concerns. Yes it goes against every fiber of who we are yet in a spirit life we can. Our natural approach has been to try and not think about the water or look around us but to put our head down and try to not notice our predicament. In essence we are allowing our brain to make a scenario of right and wrong. We try to not think wrong but to dwell on the right. This approach works at low levels life maybe but as we get out on the water there is a new way that emerges.

Such a way causes us to abandon, rest, abide in life. When there is a flow we place our eyes on it and let it encompass everything that we are. There gets a point we have to just not see. Not by conscious choice but rather by natural spirit life.

So for example before leaving for Portugal for 11 weeks a new way of seeing life arose. It was disturbing yet it was obvious once seen it will be lived. We left for Portugal with perhaps $200 to last us for 11 weeks. We had become tired of the entrapment of finances, free of financial concern. Picture a life never being bound to finances, never knowing how much money you have or don't have. To give because it is life to give and to not give because it is life not to give. Free of a conscious decision or choice. So if it was for us to need $1000 then it will be there. We would never know having never looked at the number. Knowing that if money was needed it will be created and somehow, someone, something has taken care of it.

So we arrived not looking at the bank and for the time here have never looked at our account. Let me tell you that is not an easy thing to do naturally as amounts bind us to carnal responsibility. After arriving with around $200 known dollars we have seen life flow. Three months rent has been paid at $1250 a month. Food has been eaten, cars rented, gas put into the cars etc etc. To this end we still don't understand how. It just stands to spirit life that what is needed will be there and will be created. The freedom to live free of concern in these areas is there but when on the water the panic is only a step away. There are so many other outrageous areas attached to our journey here that we cant even begin to express the outright stupidity of our situation. Yet here we are living in a peace that goes beyond understanding.

It was in this peace we have given money away while here. It was just right to do and in so doing it is the flow of the creative. I start to see the creative has been restricted by what can only be termed as our control. We live to have some sort of control of where and what we do. But in Spirit life a freedom arrives that we just loose interest in knowing, controlling or even caring. This is such a path of abnormality it is impossible to be lived by conscious choice. The choice we made was to say "yes Lord" and after that any choice we have gets in the way of the creative flow. If we are making choices what to do, where to go, what to give, when to and how to then realistically we are God of ourselves and it can only be in the abandonment of non-life that life happens. Where non-life is our learned natural ways we have called life. But life is true spiritual creative life. Choice is a prison we choose to reside in.

In my desire I cannot live. It can only be from seeing a spiritual path I can walk. The romance of this path causes us to be like drunk men , drunk on love and oblivious to potential limitations. It is in this romance we enjoy the beauty of creation the moment of  sun bursting through our bedroom window. The place we are and the happenings of the day. Can life get any better. Now yes to desire to live such is impossible in and of itself. If I can see choice I have made religion and I am living in the grip of self imposed religion. Abandon to the life of romance from a loving God and know that no two people are alike. No two romances the same, no need to take control just abandon and allow love to consume us in every area we have learned to live. Then truly out of death comes life as the bible says.

Monday, January 9, 2017

From a reader to us all

I always knew that with no individuality at the same time there is pure individuality Can`t be explained, only revealed to us through the spiritual perspective of life.

We see how there is lots of religion around us, In the start of spirit life, that new life that began and is a constant moment daily, I think we can be effected or influenced to the religion of man in some ways but as we flow and mature in daily spiritual life, I see that there is less and less influence of the carnal among us. We can search for a better way to receive w/e Our heart desires, but a revealing of who we are we are faced with the fact that life is purity in the holy spirit.

We are destine to a place of pure joy in the holy spirit. Even when our mind thinks otherwise, There is a state of "complete" and "eternal" that stays always what it is and will be. There is no change of this love, It`s always deep, pure and a impossible love that can`t be seen by on natural eyes.

We look around us, and we just stop for a moment, patiently looking around the glory that God made, We start to see the moment`s and movement of this "eternal" state of love that is the purest form of life that the spiritual was ever formed to. Then life begins, It`s as if life has just began, We are like new borns, Finally seeing what is always there. It`s such a life that is revolutionary and so incredible that words would never come close to what it really is.

We are just being revealed moment by moment this life, so pure, So romantic and it never goes away. So many question, but so many answers.