Monday, January 9, 2017

From a reader to us all

I always knew that with no individuality at the same time there is pure individuality Can`t be explained, only revealed to us through the spiritual perspective of life.

We see how there is lots of religion around us, In the start of spirit life, that new life that began and is a constant moment daily, I think we can be effected or influenced to the religion of man in some ways but as we flow and mature in daily spiritual life, I see that there is less and less influence of the carnal among us. We can search for a better way to receive w/e Our heart desires, but a revealing of who we are we are faced with the fact that life is purity in the holy spirit.

We are destine to a place of pure joy in the holy spirit. Even when our mind thinks otherwise, There is a state of "complete" and "eternal" that stays always what it is and will be. There is no change of this love, It`s always deep, pure and a impossible love that can`t be seen by on natural eyes.

We look around us, and we just stop for a moment, patiently looking around the glory that God made, We start to see the moment`s and movement of this "eternal" state of love that is the purest form of life that the spiritual was ever formed to. Then life begins, It`s as if life has just began, We are like new borns, Finally seeing what is always there. It`s such a life that is revolutionary and so incredible that words would never come close to what it really is.

We are just being revealed moment by moment this life, so pure, So romantic and it never goes away. So many question, but so many answers.