Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A true life gift

Maybe its just me but I can see so clearly that when a person rejects their gift they are rejecting God. It is when people embrace their true gift them seem to be so much more open to God moving in their life.

It was talking to a man recently who has a gift in lets call it area 1. But through disappointments and such he was wanting area 2 to be his life. He saw area 2 as a way to get back what he had lost and be somebody. In talking with this man he so obviously was not interested in anything but hearing how good he was at area 2. The mere mention of area 1 drew ire from him and it was in this I saw something so clearly.

Our gifts in life are our spiritual connection in its infancy. But if we reject our true gift then ultimately there is a complete rejection of Christ as every good gift comes down from above. The world does everything it can to limit the expression of a gift and for those who are operating in their gift it will demand it sells out. To sell out is to produce for money or produce on demand. It is creative but any who have had this pressure to sell out know it stops coming from their spirit and comes from their head knowledge. The learned gift.

So we see a world where people are following their paths for so many reasons and the first symptom of life failure is living for a reason. Money, success, recognition, reclaiming lost opportunities, serving God and the list is endless. Reasons to do things are the first symptom we are likely outside our calling. As for so many this man constantly stated he needed money to live and just could not see that money follows gifts.

What is all too common is people living their desires or what they think is their desire. They see the immediate lust of what they are able to attain and the lust blinds them to the obvious. It is a gift in itself for this individual to have a crisis that causes a change of life. Unfortunately many follow distractions that make a living for their life and when they are old enough they just don't have the energy to pick themselves up after that crisis. They acknowledge maybe they chased the wind and never had the satisfaction of following the gift.

Religion is one huge obstacle to the manifestation of a gift. It brings knowledge to a mind and empowers a head. It traps the adherent to legalistic patterns of right and wrong they more often than not have learned by rigid teaching. I have found that religious people can never surrender to a gift as religion has smothered its expression. The system has demanded each gift is exercised in the parameters of the structure and we all know you cant limit a gift. Religious people have no intimacy it is a learned intimacy more often than not and a gift resides in intimacy of the spirit. Religion steals intimacy. This is why religion of man exists to give a pseudo intimacy so like this man he refused to see and there are none so blind as those who refuse to see and none so deaf as those who refuse to hear.

In the case of this man it became so obvious in the rejection of the potential of his true ability he was closing a spiritual door. He was attempting to seal shut a spiritual beckoning as he buried the true gift in narcissistic life. Yes I could tell him how wonderful he was in his gifted area and he would accept readily the compliment and say "I know" then he would deflect it back to where he had decided he needed the attention with a life that was screaming to make it.

A gift is so limitless, so powerful that even when we box it there is still an amazing energy bursting and shining out of the box we have put it in. Unfortunately so many see the rays of creativity and spirituality and just love the comfort of the box. The love the control of the box and love the fact a bright shining gift from above now lights the box. To see the box in and of itself is a gift. Yet to surrender the box is the most amazing expression of any gift or life. As the greatest gift is life itself and to pass from life to life more abundantly there can only be continual surrender to the great creator of all.