Friday, March 3, 2017

Holy Spirit creative

Was musing the spirit life again. There are so many ebbs and flows, ups and down on this path. It seems the higher the highs the lower the lows and in just rolling this around in my spirit I have a few lines of life to peel back.

Firstly in our desire to live spirit we often look for what to avoid or a place to park our brain. You know when we get so far out on the water we cant see land a boat or anything of natural comfort. Maybe panic lurks in the background and if you have ever experienced panic you know there is no ability to control actions in a panic state. But life shines through in any situation. A life that is beyond any natural ability we may have.

I remember as a child falling into the deep end of a public swimming pool. A man sat 3ft away from me and watched as I began to drown. I remember a silhouette of his face to this day perhaps 40 years later. The issue was I could swim but as panic arrived I had no ability to do anything. I clearly remember going under and fighting my way to the top only to go under again. I actually have no recollection of getting saved but I do know the life saver who pulled me out saved my life. But as I think back to this event I can see the parallel to our spirit life. We know how to swim or even float on top of life but it just takes a moment, a trivial thing, to have us drowning in a deep end of life.

Our mind what a powerful yet restricting tool. But to be life, to walk life, to let life consume us there has to be a denial an abandonment of the daily concerns. Yes it goes against every fiber of who we are yet in a spirit life we can. Our natural approach has been to try and not think about the water or look around us but to put our head down and try to not notice our predicament. In essence we are allowing our brain to make a scenario of right and wrong. We try to not think wrong but to dwell on the right. This approach works at low levels life maybe but as we get out on the water there is a new way that emerges.

Such a way causes us to abandon, rest, abide in life. When there is a flow we place our eyes on it and let it encompass everything that we are. There gets a point we have to just not see. Not by conscious choice but rather by natural spirit life.

So for example before leaving for Portugal for 11 weeks a new way of seeing life arose. It was disturbing yet it was obvious once seen it will be lived. We left for Portugal with perhaps $200 to last us for 11 weeks. We had become tired of the entrapment of finances, free of financial concern. Picture a life never being bound to finances, never knowing how much money you have or don't have. To give because it is life to give and to not give because it is life not to give. Free of a conscious decision or choice. So if it was for us to need $1000 then it will be there. We would never know having never looked at the number. Knowing that if money was needed it will be created and somehow, someone, something has taken care of it.

So we arrived not looking at the bank and for the time here have never looked at our account. Let me tell you that is not an easy thing to do naturally as amounts bind us to carnal responsibility. After arriving with around $200 known dollars we have seen life flow. Three months rent has been paid at $1250 a month. Food has been eaten, cars rented, gas put into the cars etc etc. To this end we still don't understand how. It just stands to spirit life that what is needed will be there and will be created. The freedom to live free of concern in these areas is there but when on the water the panic is only a step away. There are so many other outrageous areas attached to our journey here that we cant even begin to express the outright stupidity of our situation. Yet here we are living in a peace that goes beyond understanding.

It was in this peace we have given money away while here. It was just right to do and in so doing it is the flow of the creative. I start to see the creative has been restricted by what can only be termed as our control. We live to have some sort of control of where and what we do. But in Spirit life a freedom arrives that we just loose interest in knowing, controlling or even caring. This is such a path of abnormality it is impossible to be lived by conscious choice. The choice we made was to say "yes Lord" and after that any choice we have gets in the way of the creative flow. If we are making choices what to do, where to go, what to give, when to and how to then realistically we are God of ourselves and it can only be in the abandonment of non-life that life happens. Where non-life is our learned natural ways we have called life. But life is true spiritual creative life. Choice is a prison we choose to reside in.

In my desire I cannot live. It can only be from seeing a spiritual path I can walk. The romance of this path causes us to be like drunk men , drunk on love and oblivious to potential limitations. It is in this romance we enjoy the beauty of creation the moment of  sun bursting through our bedroom window. The place we are and the happenings of the day. Can life get any better. Now yes to desire to live such is impossible in and of itself. If I can see choice I have made religion and I am living in the grip of self imposed religion. Abandon to the life of romance from a loving God and know that no two people are alike. No two romances the same, no need to take control just abandon and allow love to consume us in every area we have learned to live. Then truly out of death comes life as the bible says.