Thursday, April 20, 2017

Maybe how God views your prosperity

20 April 2017

I tried to write on this yesterday and it was impossible. I had said to Marius I see the problem but cant see the answer. As I wrote this morning I see most of what was written for the first time. I cannot say this came from my head as I have never seen so much of it.

Was recently when talking with Marius he challenged me and out of that flowed the Holy Spirit that goes beyond anything my brain can complete. Marius stopped me referring to the money he had sent as coming from him. Now certainly we can say it did in one sense but there is a bigger picture he pointed out. Marius had the revelation that the money that comes in and out of the koinonia hands is the life flow from all of us. If we segregate it then in so doing we are taking ownership on a level we are not called to be on.

So this line of discussion flowed further and as we talked something became obvious. Money resides outside of Gods world. It is a carnal invention and a natural necessity for any living in this world system as at this stage we all are to various levels. But money comes from the god of this world, for the people of this world. It became obvious when we see money or where it is going then there is an attachment to the God of this world. In deciding to give or not give we highlight we are religious in our understanding of finances. As Marius pointed out in koinonia spirit how could he not allow finances he had to flow to the body? He had no need to hear from God as he is united with a transparent God of koinonia.

The power to retain or release lies in the god of this world. We have been damaged by religion of control in such a way we just cant grasp what is going on here. We allow a consciousness to give or not to give, in God wants or does not want, and in so doing we are empowering the god of this world through the religious actions of the past. The power to stop or act lies in the God of this world and in limiting release we reveal the deception we all have been a slave to. Marius hit it on the head, there was no thought just action and this reveals true koinonia. To be honest maybe on a level we all crave for but fear.

Now we can make this discussion about money or actions but simply put in so doing we reveal our spirit is limited to this worlds system. This is about life the unity of spirit, oneness and unification. As one body there is a flow of life that goes beyond saying I will give or not give, God wants me to or does not want me to. On this level lies the entrapment of the god of this world. Lets face it money belongs to a demonic system and as much as we think we need it we really don't. The reason we need it is to stay entrapped to this world and its systems. It brings security, identity and control.

We used to say God provides and now we start to understand God does not provide. To say such limits God to a secular level. It subjects a Holy God to a god of this world and that can and will never happen. If God provides for me financially he is using money that belongs to a demonic system. But if God is just life then as I live the flow of life money “is” and what I termed as needs are no longer needs they are happenings or symptoms of life.

We have trapped ourselves so firmly in the system we limit the expansion of the gift of life. Realistically anytime the world “I” comes into our existence in spirit life all we are highlighting is our desire to live outside of Holy Spirit life. “I” will give or not give, “I” heard from God or did not hear from God etc. In koinonia life there is no longer “I” that lives but Christ that lives in me.

Give everyone who asks. In religion we say “I” will give if “I” have it or it is spare, if god tells me to or does not tell me to. Basically we attach conditions to the thought of our action. But Jesus said “give to everyone who asks of you”. I don't get that statement one little bit really. I had thought it is easy to see in koinonia but why give to carnal people who are not in koinonia? Then I started to see maybe the fact someone asks is not about the action it is about God showing us something deeper. Religion makes the focus the person asking, spirit reveals it is about life or the lack of life. In financial life we don't care as we never see and have no need to amass. If we see the request we are ensnared by the god of this world. In spirit life we will never be asked unless we are trapped or blinded by the god of this world. We will be asked to reveal we are ensnared. If we are free or spirit financial requests do not exist. This verse shows us our lack of spirit, when we wrestle with it.

Can we see there is something greater here. It is the revealing that today we give tomorrow as never arrives. To live with thought for tomorrow traps us in an endless quest to reach tomorrow and its needs. Honestly how often do we get asked for anything? If we answer “people always ask me” then realistically it is God showing us we serve the god of this world in finances not Him. God is causing people to ask until we get free and when we get free there will be no requests. I don't know that I understand that but perhaps that is good.

In being asked we are scared of abuse or people wanting it again and coming back for more. We have entered the religion of money and in so doing have revealed the god of this world reigns in our finances. We have seen finances and anything we see limits us from entering transparent koinonia. God spare us from the ability to see wealth and financial blessing.

Truly koinonia is transparent and as we live spirit life there is less and less ability to see ourselves. Money is a massive area and perhaps one of the last bastions of a era fading. Marius hit on a huge key that spirit life was stirring in him. His finances were not his in a transparent spirit and Marius got that. I knew it but my talk revealed I was still struggling to let go of the consciousness of past religious defilement. In attempting to make the clarity of koinonia that is clearer than crystal individual it was toxic to life. Yes life ultimately wins but why allow our previous defaults of understanding to define us.

The Godhead is transparent clearer than crystal the bible in referring to a spiritual flow says this, Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb. The godhead is transparent to our natural way of seeing things. We cannot distinguish between God the father, God the son or God the Holy Spirit they are transparent like crystal to individualistic identity and any in koinonia are being washed clean with a river of God that flows from the throne of heaven. Perhaps we can call this river koinonia life, a koinonia life called the true church of Jesus Christ that He is inviting to allow a transparency to flow into. Yes only those “called out” ones can surrender their individualistic lives to the godhead as they say “all of me” to a transparent koinonia.

Jesus knew it impossible for a natural man to enter the spirit flow and He knew money represents everything our natural man can identify with. It stands for everything this world stands for. Money can perhaps be seen as the pinnacle of a life outside of God. Maybe why Jesus said it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. After all, when we have financial security who in their right mind wants to lose the identity financial areas bring?

Jesus continued by saying with God all things are possible, in referring to how a rich man can enter the kingdom of heaven. But it all comes back to koinonia is transparent like the Godhead. There is no power of ownership and choice. Inside koinonia as Marius pointed out, without thought he had to enter financial life by empowering koinonia with action.

So we are on the edge of discovering the limitless potential of koinonia finances, koinonia can have no needs as everything needed for every part of koinonia lies inside true koinonia. True koinonia has forsaken all and to me we start to see this may be what Jesus meant when he said. “Unless you forsake everything you cannot be my disciple”. True koinonia forsakes life and lives transparent by abandonment of life itself. True koinonia no longer has a power of decision given by the god of this world. In its transparency koinonia unifies in ways beyond our comprehension or control.

This is where great wealth lies and those who have the financial responsibility in koinonia will see the great flow of finances beyond all ability to comprehend. These ones have forsaken finances they have forsaken all and in the great wealth that lies behind the forsaking they are now financial prosperity for the koinonia. Without thought, without the need to know or see or hear from God they realize they are God and in being god they are a link to release. God kingdom come His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. This Lords prayer is a summing up of everything that we are discovering together here. Heaven on earth through the koinonia and this reveals in spirit community we have the blessing of heaven life here on earth. The “called out ones” the “bride of Christ” living koinonia is such a picture of beauty there is no difference in the dynamic between heaven and earth community. WoW! Amazing!

So yes inside koinonia there is great wealth but until the gifted and empowered abandon the religion of wealth the koinonia all groans together. God is revealing the religion we have all been trapped in. The god of this world has masqueraded as an angel of light in our finances and lives and we have served him while thinking we were serving the living God. I for one can see it in some small way but cannot comprehend even the depth of what is ritten here. This one thing I do know is the spirit is alive in us all and the deposit from heaven has been made so now we will see it manifest in koinonia life. Shalom!