Monday, May 15, 2017

Some thoughts on money wealth and possessions in Holy Spirit community

15 May 2017

Spirit life is such a contrast to our normal life it is truly disturbing yet freeing in so many ways. It is when we look at sin we start to understand Gods heart in a whole new way. God invites us constantly to embrace life to be life and to live life and in that invitation God frees us from what we had thought was life. We cannot make the decision to let things go as when we have the power to let go we have the power to pick up.

Intimacy is what God is all about when God said “lets make man in our image” he was serious about the intimacy required for such an amazing union. God knew in order for man to become God he had to be god of his own world and forsake it to enter His world. Intimacy was and is all God had interest in and man was to live a lifetime of pseudo intimacy called religion.

It was necessary that God do away with sin as we know. Religion has God forgiving sin but spirit life has the revealing of God doing away with sin altogether. The reasons why we may never totally understand while on this earth but one huge reason is the fact sin and the focus of sin is never the issue. While man looks at the sin God looks at the intimacy, while man strives to be free so he can “be like God” the Godhead says cease striving and know that I am God. Know that intimacy is all I desire and as our heart self strives its condemned by our inabilities fears and insecurities. Godhead is there with “be still and know that I am God”.

There are so many examples in scripture of this but maybe none so obvious as the rich young ruler. He came to Jesus and wanting to follow him and Jesus told him to go sell all and come follow me. I noticed something about this passage for the first time. Every disciple Jesus had was busy living life and Jesus came and said “come follow me” they all forsook all and followed Jesus. Some walked out on the fishing nets, another left his tax business and so forth. These men walked out on life for no apparent reason. There was no natural security for tomorrow. No understanding what would become of their families. These men walked into intimacy and yes there was then a process of being renewed in their minds but they walked life. Then here comes the rich young ruler and look at his heart. The heart he had was so fat on religion he could not see his self righteousness for one second. Yet again the riches were never the issue to Jesus and Jesus cut right through everything and laid him bare.

This rich young ruler desired spirit life. He desired the intimacy of the fellowship and saw what perhaps all man see and that is his ability to help. After all why would Jesus not need him? Jesus was homeless, he lived off women and never knew where he would sleep from night to night. To any religious way of seeing it there was an obvious need and an obvious match here. Yet the man missed the point of what happened here. Jesus had no thought for the money, the rich ruler had many thoughts for the money. It was impossible for the ruler to see past the money and understand he was missing the point. He was missing the fact his money was pseudo intimacy and had him trapped all alone.

So Jesus spoke to the heart and told him to sell all give it away and come follow Him. The intimacy would have been amazing and would have been everything the rich young ruler craved. Everything his money had tried to find but had left him isolated. But he just couldn't do it and the bible tells us he went away sad as he owned much.

Lets get down to it the only thing spirit life is about is INTIMACY. God desires “lets make man in our image” Jesus was poor and worthless in the eyes of mankind but he had no care for the money. He had no care for tomorrow and he lived the fullness of today. Something the rich young ruler failed to see. Jesus had all his needs met anyway he didn't need the rich ruler wealth. He didn't need his money to provide. Jesus was living the day free of this world and the money was not the issue the intimacy was.

He was perhaps one of the only or the only one who came to Jesus wanting to be His disciple and was turned away. So lets transpose that into modern church life. How many people get problems and come to Jesus looking for His life. They offer something, their skills, their money, their abilities etc. Then there are the “called out ones” these just live life and Jesus walks into their life and invites them to forsake all and come follow Him. Come have intimacy and these called out ones will abandon everything and follow as they are wired for intimacy with the Godhead.

These called out ones will see a revealing of the same life Christ had. They will loose interest in anything this world has to offer, anything it promises and anything it provides. The world will think it wants something from them as it so obviously has need. But these called out ones just crave intimacy. Jesus craved intimacy with the ruler and the ruler completely missed what was going on. As his focus was natural Jesus had an eternal focus of life and impossible life that cannot exist to a natural mind. It was so obvious to the ruler Jesus would need him but it was so obvious to Jesus that in all His natural needs nothing mattered but intimacy and the ruler was trapped and needed to be free. Jesus had what He needed for the day, He always did and always would. So too will we as we live intimacy and embrace life that without effort causes the emptying of self that unites Godhead and “lets make man in our image”

As I sit here writing I think of Ananias and Saphira in the book of Acts in the bible. They brought a portion of what they owned and laid it at the disciples feet to distribute as any had need. The problem was the were lying to God and themselves and fell down dead. Now many a preacher has spoken from this passage and perhaps missed the whole point. The money was never the issue, the lie was no even the issue. Yes they were rebuked for the lie but the underlying issue was they craved the intimacy of spirit koinonia and thought they could bridge the natural to the spiritual with their money. They wanted koinonia and the security of natural control and the two and at odds with each other. The community they saw around them the bible tells us was filled with people meeting daily and eating in each others homes. It was filled with people selling their extra and giving it to free the koinonia as any had needs. I do not believe the disciples distributed for people to live. It wasn't socialism but yes they likely didn't interview everyone to find out the needs. They just freely gave and received. With no purpose perhaps as this seems to be spirit. They distributed to free the captives. I have no doubt the Marius and Annette's were given the proceeds of sales to loose them from debt. Now they were free of the world system and were able to be a laborer in the harvest field.

Spirit community loosed the captives and was a beautiful astounding manifestation of intimacy. In honor they preferred one another and those with spirit purchased natural release for each other and as an act of liberated unity enjoyed meals and fellowship daily. They never cared who gave and I don't think and kept track of that. Nobody used their wealth to be noticed or to belong they just enjoyed being “called out ones” intimacy was alive and they had nothing in them that would allow their possessions to hold them anymore.

Yet Ananias and Saphira attempted to enter on a natural level. What they owned was never the issue, what they gave was never the issue and the apostles made that clear when they told them such. The issue was they attempted to make religion. Religion that presents a psuedo intimacy while a man keeps control of what he owns. Which ultimately reveals he has not forsaken all and cannot be one with Christ or his body.

So intimacy is all Jesus purchased at Calvary when He died on the cross. He freed all mankind to be spirit and to no longer have the chains of sin that hold man to himself and his own desires and needs. Mankind could be called out from being his own God and abandon all. He could have no thought for tomorrow and enjoy true life. The issue is we cannot choose to come to Christ He chose us from the beginning of the world and invites us to embrace life.

What would have happened if the rich young ruler had of seen Jesus did not care about his needs? He could never understand that any in spirit have needs but they are met daily. What would have happened if the ruler had of sold his all and given? Jesus never said sell all and tithe to Judas so our money bag is full for tomorrow. Jesus in an amazing act of invited intimacy said get rid of it all and come join our party of life.

To me the passage where Jesus said “pray for laborers to be sent out into the harvest field” simply means people are called out ones who will abandon what they own to be a move of the spirit of God. They will lay it at the feet of the apostles who will never abuse this for themselves but rather they will distribute as any had need. That need I see first and foremost was to be free from the world system and just as some are trapped by wealth and ownership others are trapped by debt and what was a desire to own. Only in true spiritual community can we see it is not about daily needs as they are taken care of. It is about laborers being freed to enter the harvest field.

Jesus saw the stupidity of the rich young rulers heart. But he spoke to the intimacy and was not offended by a complete lack of understanding for what was going on. After all what hope do natural ways have, but to die? As in death chimes life. Koinonia does not need anyone or anything. It is complete and in that completeness needs no longer exist and the desire to meet needs no longer exists. It is a seamless flowing of life through every part of who we are.